We would like to introduce you to a selection of our recent and mutual partnerships.

Network Partners from the Industry Sector

RST Industrie Automation GmbH

The RST GmbH has been a provider for testing, automation and other embedded applications solutions for more than 20 years. Their real-time middleware Gamma (latest version: Gamma V) offers a platform enabling solutions for test systems on modular systems. Gamma V allows for significant reduction in maintenance and updates of existing systems as well as a simplified change management through flexibility and independence. Full deterministic data access via networks is possible.

XiSys Software GmbH

The XiSys GmbH realizes embedded graphic tools for an efficient and cost-effective development of embedded graphic solutions. True to the motto "Visualizing without Programming" all programming tasks are consequently replaced by easy configuration. Even individual objects can be developed and realized by a graphic designer. There is no need for recurrent programming. The development engineer connects the display objects with the display dimensions to be visualized and configures the process logic of the visualization. Thus, an efficient realization of graphic user interfaces is possible with the tools.

tecmata GmbH

The tecmata GmbH is an expert in safety-relevant development. Key tasks are engineering tasks, test implementation for embedded software, quality and project management activities as well as trainings. The company develops in-house methods and proves to be a reliant partner with application and implementation of capability maturity models such as CMMI (version 1.2) and Automotive Spice. The tecmata GmbH has been a valuable partner for iSyst regarding all questions related to safety-relevant development or ISO 61508 SIL.

Network Partners from University and Research, national

In cooperation with the following partners from the academic landscape and the research sector we also offer interesting and challenging topics for Graduation Papers next to Internships.

Technische Hochschule Nßrnberg Georg Simon Ohm

Our cooperation with the TH Nürnberg is very diverse: For instance, we sponsor a quarter of the endowed chair„Automation and Mechatronics“. We are also in close contact with many professors from different faculties. One of them is Prof. Dr. Armin Dietz from the ELSYS Institute or Energie Campus and E-Drive Center at AEG in Nuremberg who, for example, worked with us on the funding projectParaObsol .

FAU Erlangen-NĂźrnberg, Chair for Technical Electronics (LTE),

As a very close partner, the Chair for Technical Electronics (LTE), Prof. Drs. Robert Weigel and Georg Fischer, should be emphasized with which several projects could be processed successfully and which provides the iSyst employees with the opportunity for promotion (cooperative promotions, combined projects and cooperation projects ParaObsol, ProTect und WiCoDiCa RT).


FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Chair for Hardware/Software Co-Design

The Chair for Hardware/Software Co-Design, Prof. Dr. Juergen Teich and Prof. Dr. Michael Glass, is a partner in the region of networking control units in the vehicle by means of real-time ETHERNET.

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits FhG-IIS

Cooperation takes place with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits FhG-IIS, Prof. Drs. Albert Heuberger, Randolf Hanke and em. Heinz Gerhäuser, particularly in the areas of battery management and the determination of the charge state and the ageing of batteries.

TU Chemnitz, professorship of Circuit and System Draft (SSE)

Our cooperation with TU Chemnitz, and in the special case with the professorship of Circuit and System Draft SSE, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heinkel, is based on a cooperation contract in the area of the formal verification and specification-driven development of embedded systems and processes for the improvement of test automation (e.g. in the combined project ParaObsol), as well as cooperative promotion.

Network partner, college and research, international

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT

The iSyst GmbH cooperates with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT, Prof. Dr. Sylvester Abanteriba, in the area of the exchange of pre-graduate and post-graduate students, as well as with the appropriation of practical training places at iSyst GmbH and placement with partners within the network.