Reference project

Every company has its strengths. Bundled together, they offer considerable added value. To jointly launch competitive products on the market is the intention and objective of cooperation between partners in industry. The project described below is the best example of a successful cooperation:

Since 2005 iSyst GmbH has been working on a system, which can be made available as aid resources to developers and in this way facilitate their daily work at low cost. Requirements were:

  1. as simple as possible adaptation of existing environment models;
  2. total costs for the connection below EUR 20,000,
  3. as maintenance-free as possible.

Different iSyst-internal paths unfortunately did not lead to the required results in this case. Only networking with Embedded4You (E4Y) could provide competent partners with whom a promising solution could be realized.

The real-time middleware Gamma V of RST GmbH, which runs on embedded systems with a Linux RT operating system, enabled a scalability of the hardware from small ARM9 systems up to Intel I7 solutions. Concerning the processing speed, the latter must not shy away from comparison with established systems.

Together with the interface XiBase 9 of XiSys GmbH, it results in a system, which can be simply automated and which is usable on the most varied platforms.

With µTCA, the company N.A.T. GmbH supplies a platform which can be structured and extended in modular form and flexibly. Here we benefit from the know-how of the telecommunications industry, which places far higher demands on the hardware.

iSyst GmbH has extended all these components to the product iSyTester and, with the aid of a Blockset for Matlab Simulink, has created the connection to the models of the automotive industry. The iSyTester can also be controlled via the iTestStudio of iSyst GmbH. In this way, already-generated tests can be transferred from other platforms without problems.

An extension option consists of the uncomplicated integration of the model-centered test draft and the automatic test-case generation by means of the MBTsuite of the companies Afra GmbH and GmbH.

Maximum customer utility, with simultaneous low costs, a high level of scalability and extendibility with manageable complexity, as well as offer and handling from a single source, all lead to a product which bundles together the competencies of the individual partners and is more powerful than the sum of the individual parts.


Real-time testing platform iSyTester