SOME/IP-Stack – The solution for simulation and testing

The SOME/IP protocol brings Ethernet to the car. With the iSyst SOME/IP-Stack, we provide a powerful solution for simulation and testing.

In combination with the real-time Gamma V middleware, the SOME/IP-Stack ensures real-time execution. On one hand, it enables complete simulation of a SOME/IP network, and on the other hand, its use for control device emulation as well as residual bus simulation (e.g. for HIL applications) is feasible. The configuration of the simulation is automatically generated via FIBEX files.

The protocol stack makes SOME/IP functions available according to AUTOSAR 4.2.

In addition to mapping communication, a function simulation of one or more control units via MATLAB Simulink and the Gamma V Blockset is also possible.

There are extensive possibilities for error injection directly in the stack for testing purposes, such as:

  • manipulation of length fields
  • corruption of all UDP and SOME/IP data
  • failure of SOME/IP events and SOME/IP fields
  • manipulation of cycle times
  • manipulation of the E2E protection (e.g. CRC and alive counter)
  • realization of load tests

    Sample Applications

    • Simulation of the communication of complete SOME/IP networks
    • Residual bus simulation for real control units under development
    • SOME/IP gateway application for various bus systems (e.g. SOME/IP CAN gateway)
    • Mobile device for analyzing data in the SOME/IP network

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