iTestStudio test suite

From the very start, our idea was to make our knowledge about test automation for embedded system software in HIL systems available to and useable by all prospective customers. It is not only meant to be executable, but also supposed to reflect our experience. With our iTestStudio, test sequences can be created, their execution can be started and the results can be processed to the report - all in one package, on a PC interface. One important aspect we have always focused on when designing our tool has been reliability. Nothing is more annoying than an unscheduled crash or the crash of an automated test in process. This is why we have made every effort to prevent this and implement our test automation in a high-performance manner.

The iTestStudio was created with a logical architecture: it consists of the user-driven test automation interface iTestStudio TA, the TestSupport libraries and the TestToolkit libraries with function libraries for test creation.

Just as logical is the perfectly matched interaction of the individual modules in the background: while you as a user only need to initiate the automated test "at the touch of a button", test scripts created by basic test functions are automatically processed in test sequences.

The iTestStudio can be intuitively operated and runs reliably on our own HIL Systems, but is also licensed to run on your third-party system. To do this, we integrate our software into your tooling landscape. Controlling different test systems with the same test scripts is also possible. Switching over a hardware abstraction layer occurs flexibly and without the need to adapt individual test cases.

The uncomplicated interaction of our iTestStudio, our HIL Systems and our Services will convince you. We test your software – now you test us!


For the test suite iTestStudio please contact:
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