iTestStudio TA

The iTestStudio TA provides complete control of the various HIL/hardware components and allows for the selection of the current test project via a project path, as well as the active test series from all defined series in the HIL project. With the aid of the series, the test structure can be created and edited.

Individual tests can be carried out independently of the complete test sequence and then displayed in a test report where all tests carried out will be clearly represented. This is made possible as the results of each individual test case, driven by the test automation, are buffered in a separate file. The summary of the overall test report is made after the run in a test data pool using an XML structure. Meta information can also be integrated into this structure. This is, for example, how the integration of a version and accordingly a requirement management tool such as MKS Integrity is carried out. Data is inserted bidirectionally from the MKS into the report and test results are respectively exported to MKS. Due to the modular design of the iTestStudio, the expansion of such components is easy to implement.


The test report is distributed in common formats, such as HTML, XLS or PDF. Customer requirements and various views on the test results can be implemented and presented. If necessary, metadata for the requirement coverage (so-called metrics), and the test runtime and the relations PASSED/FAILED can of course also be output.