Test Analysis and Visualization

iSyst's test analysis and visualization. Sometimes analyzing the test is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A comprehensible presentation of the huge data volume generated in the test runs is task and challenge at the same time. Therefore, we carry out a structured analysis of the test results at the end of the test, or of parts of the test determined in cooperation with the customer.

We evaluate the results pertaining to location, frequency and quality of a DUT's failure and evaluate a possible functional safety relevance.

We compile statistics and metrics required by customer specifications such as the PASSED/FAILED ratio in single test sequences or test series, and transfer them into the requirement management tools (e.g. MKS Integrity), making the test results readable and comprehensive for management. These tools also ensure consistent traceability in the software test.

The test reports are exported into established formats (e.g. HTML, EXCEL, PDF) depending on your requirements for reporting.

Additionally, a "live" validation of the results is possible: the data are validated parallel to the test run, problems recorded and visualized at the PC. This gives you a fast overview of the current product condition and is a useful addition especially in case of long-term and endurance tests. External parameters, such as voltage, currents and temperature, can also be recorded and displayed. The data are naturally also available off-line for more detailed evaluations and analyses.

Our analysis and visualization of the test results provide you with an overview of the quality of the development.

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For test analysis and visualization please contact:

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