Test Automation

iSyst test automation. In numerous test areas, huge amounts of data arise as a result of comprehensive simulation of most diverse factors on software and hardware. Stimulation of the DUT as well as assessment and validation of the generated data while targeting fast and reliable test results are complicated tasks when executed manually. Thus, we and also most of our customers prefer automated tests and evaluations.

Both the test specifications derived from the customers' requirements and the accurate modeling of the HIL simulation environment provide the basis for the test automation. You can generate the test case partially or fully automated, e.g. from the AUTOSAR system description (ARXML), which makes it efficient during the implementation process. However, not everything can be automated. That is why we also realize your specifications manually. The automated test procedure combined with precise reporting offers you maximum benefits. Our goal is to realize the best possible test automation depending on your requirements, not least because of its significance in terms of regression tests and the comparability of results.

We will also assist you should you intend to switch from manual to automated tests and support you with the selection and use of appropriate tools. In this regard, we would like to refer to the tried and tested use of our own in-house test automation tool iTestStudio. But we also successfully applied our methods and experience to systems and tools existing at the site of our customers.

Black box as well as white-box test automation in module and component tests are another goal. To this end, we use module testing tools established with the customers such as Tessy developed by Razorcat. With a low safety integrity level classification (SIL) the tests are directly performed in a time and cost efficient manner embedded in our HIL environment. Using specially developed tools, we automatically import graphic as well as text-based data into test processing, while also transferring the results back to the customer's desired system or format. Our effective analysis of your test problem as well as the accurate representation in a simulation environment with real-time models enables us to provide you with the best possible test automation. Using our solutions and testing tools for your test automation will give you a decisive surplus value. Combined with our testing systems - simply unique!


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