Our Mission

In our experience, content and practical experience in the field of structural tests are hardly taught in technical schools or universities. However, this is fundamental for our employees’ daily work. We have therefore developed our own teaching content and train our team on a regular basis according to the current state of the art, based on specifically accumulated project experiences.  

Our academy would also like to support you in broadening and improving your own competences as well as in expanding and optimizing your development processes for the functional safety of your products.



Have you ever faced the challenge of using your employees’ potential in the most productive and effective way?


We show you how to use existing competences and accumulated qualifications in practice in a target-oriented manner by teaching practically applicable knowledge in training formats customized to your requirements.

We thereby broaden the basis of solid theoretical training, attested by customary certificates established in the industry, enabling your employees to actually apply their new skill set in practice and thus close the gap between theory and practice.

Our speakers and trainers also gained expertise in numerous projects over many years and are happy to share their extensive knowledge and practical experience with you.


Our approach

To get to know you as a customer in the best possible way and to advise you individually on your topics from our fields of competence, we pursue a pragmatic as well as target-oriented approach.





We start by identifying an objective assessment basis. For this purpose, we offer different levels: from an informative discussion where the parties go through a list of questions to a formal assessment. We cover all areas of the testing process and follow common norms and standards.



Based on this assessment, we can advise you individually and in a solution-oriented manner on possible optimization potential identified in stage one. The topics range from verifying the testability of requirements, to optimizing the test concept, to test design and automation right up to selecting the test environment and test systems.


Training | Workshops | Coaching

To make sure concepts and optimizations are implemented smoothly in practice, we support you with customized training and advanced training solutions.



Your contact persons of the iSyst Academy

☏ +49 911 / 37665–331



☏ +49 911 / 37665–330