Our goal is to support our customers throughout the whole development phase assuring function and quality of their products. Our employees (certified testers and test managers) are able to carry out all necessary testing activities.

We will support and advise you from the very moment your project starts, giving you the opportunity to benefit from our expertise and experience. For example, we verify whether the necessary tests, based on your requirements, can be automated in their present form and provide references, guidance and support regarding a redesign, if necessary.

We plan and manage your hardware tests (environmental qualification and EMC) as well as your software tests associated with the development. Our main goal is to give you some room, so you can focus on your main task in the development process.

We already uncover flaws openly and constructively during the development phase, so you are able to deliver reliable high quality products.

Of course, we also realize and implement your tests. In this regard, we are not committed to a certain test automation framework but gladly respond to your testing philosophy.

With our great market overview, we can also advise you regarding the right testing tools for your individual application.

The same applies to reporting. Your best benefits are being realized by a maximum transparency of the test cases by linking them to the software testing requirements. We can determine the necessary test scope showing it in the report.

You and your projects are important to us and that is why we follow your requirements and integrate us and the appropriate tools into your development process.

We generate your customized solution because that is what we are specialized in.


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Test Planning and Test Management