Selection and evaluation of various ARM-based multicore-systems for HIL test systems

As an independent test house, iSyst Intelligente Systeme GmbH is specialized in testing embedded systems for function and quality, and thus ensuring their functional safety as early as during the development process. The tests encompass the software and hardware testing of embedded systems, as well as the test management and planning, including the structuring and operational startup of test systems.

With the development of software tests by means of Hardware In the Loop (HIL) test systems, it is required to reproduce the environment of the embedded system to be tested as exactly as possible. This reproduction is realized mainly through an environment model, which is typically applied in Simulink. For the implementation of the environment model in real time, the real-time middleware Gamma V is frequently used. With the aid of this middleware, the implementation of the environment models is possible on different hardware platforms (e.g. x86, ARM Cortex-A8, …). The ARM-based platforms for smaller HIL test systems are used in this case.

Within the framework of this work, different ARM platforms should be evaluated with the middleware Gamma V concerning their execution speed and their aptitude for employment in test systems. Multicore-systems with Linux as an operating system should be selected and proved in this case. On the basis of the selected platform, future HIL test systems should be generated.

The objective is the selection and evaluation of various ARM-based multicore-systems with Linux for the implementation of environmental-simulation models with the real-time middleware Gamma V in HIL test systems.


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