Funding Projects

WiCoDiCa RT 2013 – 2017

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria, IuK (Information and Communication) Bayern

WiCoDiCa RT – Wireless Controlling, Diagnostics and Calibration in Real Time

The cooperation project is aimed at developing a wireless and real-time capable linkage of control units to Hardware In The Loop testing systems as wireless bridge or HIL return channel increasing the flexibility during the configuration of testing systems. The wireless bridge is responsible for test controlling, calibration, diagnosis and analysis of the control unit data with, for example, mobile applications. The result transfer to control units and controls in the automation technology is intended.

ProTecT 2011 – 2013

Funded by BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), ZIM (Central Innovation Program for Medium-sized Companies)

ProTecT Embedded Systems – Progressive Techniques for Testing Embedded Systems

The ProTecT Embedded Systems cooperation program was aimed at the technological development of an innovative, intelligent network consisting of modular testing methods allowing every single one of the three development fields of highly complex embedded systems – hardware-platform, embedded software and communication interfaces – to be tested separately as well as linked up.

IMPROVE 2009 – 2011

Funded by the EU and BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Science), ENIAC Joint Undertaking

Improve – Implementing Manufacturing Science Solutions to increase Equipment Productivity and Fab Performance

The goal of the Europe-wide large-scale project was the increase of equipment productivity of European semi-conductor manufacturers. The project including 35 international partners and an overall volume of € 38m was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science and the EU ENIAC Call 2008.

Among other things iSyst provided its experience in the area of Hardware In The Loop testing and virtual measuring technique.

RedunSys 2008 – 2011

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria and the European Funds for Regional Development – R&D-Program key projects medical technology BayMED

RedunSys – Design and testing of redundant electronics for application areas affected by radiation

The focus of the project was an improvement in diagnosis and testability of massively redundant systems as used, for example, in radio therapy. Methods, tools and experience used and gained with the software testing in the automotive area should be transferred into medical technology. Based on a study on radiation damages with semiconductors and thorough measurements in the radiation chamber, fault models and possible approaches for control unit testing in a virtual environment were developed, resulting in an IP core which allows the determination of the aging condition of the semiconductors exposed to radiation, and eliminates errors.


  • RedunSysKünstliche Redundanz (TMR) und On Line-Alterungsanalyse zur Sicherstellung der Funktion elektronischer Schaltungen und für die bedarfsgerechte Wartung (Maintenance On Demand MoDe) bei hoher Strahlungsbelastung.200 KB

ParaObsol 2008 – 2010

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria and the European Funds for Regional Development – R&D-Program Information and Communication Technology IuK in Bavaria

ParaObsol – Functional integrity and compliance of supply obligations with obsolete components

Goal of the research and development alliance of ten partners was to develop tools and methods for a fast and safe replacement of obsolete semiconductor components in durable products such as control units as well as measuring and analysis systems. The result was an IP core which allows an adjustment of new components in terms of voltage and processing speed to older circuits.


  • ParaObsolObsoleszenz-Management- und Rapid-Prototyping-Methoden, insbesondere für die Migration bzw. Nachbildung von obsoleten Mikroelektroniken auf der Basis von FPGA-Technologien.299 KB

Testhaus 2007 – 2009

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria, BayTP

Development of a universal platform for automated software testing

Goal of the project was to offer complete testing systems or components for control unit software testing in combination with support and services for small and medium-sized companies according to their specific requirements regarding costs, risks, knowledge, development cycles and time restrictions. It resulted in solutions for implementations of different real-time systems from manufacturers such as dSpace, Mathworks or National Instruments in test systems.

Bayerisches Kompetenznetzwerk für Mechatronik, BKM (Bavarian Competence Network for Mechatronics) 2000–2005

Funded by the Free State of Bavaria, High-Tech-Offensive Zukunft Bayern

Bayerisches Kompetenznetzwerk für Mechatronik (BKM)

The large-scale project focused on the mechatronic approach, i.e. the best possible integration of mechanics, electronics and informatics, one of the main criteria for the development and production of innovative products. The BKM partners, six of the leading Bavarian research institutions (ELSYS/iSyst, DLR, Fraunhofer Institutes IISB and IZM, FAU Erlangen, TU München) found solutions to individual mechatronic problems in the area of automotive technology, robotics, medical technology and the planning and development of production systems as well as the manufacturing and assembly of mechatronic products. The project resulted in the foundation of Cluster Mechatronik Automation e.V. and the iSyst GmbH spin-off.

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