Our employees are the backbone of the iSyst GmbH.

At iSyst not only the big picture is important, but also every single individual. Through honest and respectful interaction within the company, we create an open working atmosphere, where employees can, and should, pose ideas and suggestions in ways which are both creative and target-oriented. We believe that we can reach common goals and sustained success only through the professional knowledge, passion, motivation and inventiveness of every single employee.

Our international team consists of graduates, engineers, employees with a highly versatile set of skills, as well as experts with many years of experience. We rise to the diverse challenges of our customers in a constructive team effort, and develop innovative and customized solutions.

Yet, iSyst employees not only step up to the plate together at work. From white water rapids, to racing karts or flying paintballs - if it is fun, we are in. Of course, we also love to enjoy less adventurous activities such as trips to the Bergkirchweih Erlangen or nearby Christmas markets.

Regular company events are important to us in order to strengthen our sense of togetherness, and to break out from our daily routine. Through varied activities, the opportunity is provided for everyone to chat in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.