The iSyst GmbH logo

At iSyst our customers are the center of attention. We embed them and their product to be tested into our network consisting of experienced employees, innovative products and numerous partners from industry and research and thus provide full implementation of and support for their testing projects throughout the development process.

To represent our company's philosophy in one single logo was a challenge that we tackled in cooperation with our employees, customers and partners. In 2013, we had a comprehensive marketing survey and gathered feedback regarding our former logo and corporate design as well as suggestions for our future public image. In subsequent workshops with employees, we built on the results of the survey and let our creativity run free. Fed with numerous ideas, a commissioned design team developed different color and logo concepts. Choosing the right one afterward was not hard as the symbolism of the chosen logo represents exactly what we stand for.

So, at this point, we would like to thank again everyone involved: employees, customers, partners and the design team. Thank you very much for your input and your dedication!