From an academic spin-off to an independent testing institution.

In 2000, ELSYS, the Institut für Elektronische Systeme (Institute for Electronic Systems) of the former Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg headed by Prof. Dr. Hans Rauch got involved in the joint research project Bayerisches Kompetenznetzwerk für Mechatronik BKM (Bavarian Competence Network for Mechatronics), thereby gaining extensive knowledge in the area of control unit tests. In order to process commercial tasks as well as projects and tasks fraught with risks, the iSyst Intelligente Systeme GmbH emerged as an academic spin-off.

Being part of the BKM allowed them to specifically start establishing automated solutions in Hardware In The Loop (HIL) environments. First commercial projects in the automotive area followed in 2002. Very soon customers started to appreciate the reusability and the possibility of faster regression tests, which led to an expansion of the Test Implementation team.

Right from the beginning, iSyst has developed in-house testing solutions. Starting in 2001, we put great effort in the creation of earlier versions of the Test Framework iTestStudio. This was aimed at automated test processing and report generating. In 2003, iSyst delivered its first completely in-house developed test system built up at the premises of the Ohm-Hochschule; a HIL system testing the roll stability of sports cars.

In 2004, we were asked to also maintain Hardware Qualifications in addition to the software testing. Also in this area, iSyst could quickly develop and establish ideas for ideal solutions to our customers' problems.

While the premises of the Ohm-Hochschule were spacious enough at the beginning, iSyst moved into the Forschungsfabrik building at the Nordostpark in Nuremberg in fall 2007. Thanks to the immediate vicinity to high-quality partners from the industry and research sector, the growth potential at Nordostpark has been perfect for iSyst.

In 2007, the first application for funding was filed. Utilizing important contacts made earlier, the iSyst GmbH submitted an application to the Bayerisches Technologie-Förderprogramm BayTP (Bavarian technology support program). The project resulted in a more flexible customization of developed test systems according to the customers' problems and testing tools already being used by them. In the course of the program, the American company The Mathworks took special notice of iSyst and after an examination procedure added the GmbH to their Affiliate Program. As one of their 28 associated partners iSyst GmbH has access to new versions and additional events at which partners introduce new products to each other and their end customers.

After the funding bodies' positive response to our funding application, two more applications were filed and granted in 2008. These applications dealt with problems in the area of medical technology prompted by the main partner in the project, the Siemens AG Healthcare Sector. Knowledge in terms of modeling obsolete components and component aging could be significantly improved in the course of the project resulting, for example, in a modular IP core suitable for FPGA implementations. The core allows consistent reading of a component's aging condition. After the Lehman crash, the two projects had difficulties during the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. In the end, however, both projects could be completed successfully.

The crisis-ridden year of 2009 and its negative impact on the automotive industry did not only affect the funding projects, but also the day-to-day business of the iSyst GmbH. Suitable measures taken by the management plus the outstanding team spirit shown within iSyst led the company through and out of the crisis and laid the groundwork for coming out of this difficult period even stronger, with the full support of all employees.

Due to our customers' unchanged schedules, iSyst hired new employees in 2010, right after the crisis, exceeding for the first time a workforce of 50 employees in total.

Gradually the once small academic spin-off developed into a well-structured high-quality company. In 2010, iSyst began to establish a second management level below the senior management. Also vitally important was the first link 86 - internal-link>Certification under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Step-by-step, iSyst performed tasks not only regarding the testing process regarding ambitious projects, but also took over more and more parts of the planning and management of the complete testing process. This went hand in hand with comprehensive staff training in the area of testing. At the moment, iSyst employs 35 certified testers with a "foundation level" degree, and 12 certified testers with an "advanced level" degree.

In 2013, the iSyst GmbH delivered its 100th testing system. In addition, the company has started to realizeFully Integrated Solutions for automotive sensor protocols including SPI, PSI5 and SENT. These protocols are suitable for a broad variation of different sensors.

Another milestone in the history of the iSyst GmbH was the change of our corporate design in 2014.





Über 20 Jahre iSyst - Testhaus aus Überzeugung

Wir feiern 20 Jahre iSyst! Voller Stolz blicken wir auf die vergangenen ereignisreichen Jahre und voller Vorfreude auf all das, was uns in Zukunft noch erwartet.