Test planning and test management

Every test project is unique, so every incoming order is treated with the same individual care and attention regarding the specific analysis and the detailed planning of all necessary resources. In this context, we can draw on our long-term experience in successfully processing numerous customer projects.

The form and content of the test scope is based on the customers' requirements from which we derive a detailed assessment of the functional scope, advise you on additional backup tests and, on your demand, seamlessly integrate them into the right v-model side. A timely assessment of all test system requirements and the automated tests avoids time-consuming subsequent alterations after the first test run.

For a meaningful hardware test, the modular software tool not only has to provide respective functions, but also a validation of the hardware under test. This requires dedicated interfaces for the testing software. We realize the module specification for you as well as the validation of the functionality in direct interaction with the hardware testing systems.

Of course, we also assure the required conformity with applicable standards (e.g. for VW: VW80000, for BMW: GS95024-3-1) or standards such as functional safety ISO 26262 in processes and documentations observing them in the test planning right from the beginning.

A well-structured Implementation of the project planning and the management are both important and mandatory for us. You can benefit from our efficient test management, which is based on a combination of experience and cross-industrial know-how (e.g. Certified Tester Advanced Level training).

In terms of time and budget your test projects are secured through our risk-conscious resource controlling. Fair and square reporting enables you to appreciate the project situation.


For test planning and management please contact:

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