Test Implementation

iSyst's test implementation. You can rely on us with everything related to your testing projects because we provide you with an overall package from one source ranging from preparation to documentation of the test. We flash your target hardware and parameterize it according to your test scope. One of the key factors in this is to verify your requirements for testability. Many years of experience enable us to implement your test project into suitable specifications. After your review, we generate the executable test activities from these documents, parts of it automated. Certain parts of the test, where automation is not possible, are covered by manual testing. The results from both automated and manual tests are collected and presented to you in a test report, which highlights useful problem indications, so that the respective faults can be detected afterwards by our "Tester and Developer Team" through debugging in the HIL system environment.

In the most parts, the test is running in an automated fashion on our in-house HIL systems as well as on systems of third parties. We use our own Test Tools or integrate your existing test automation or test management tool into our tool chain, ensuring data consistency at all times.

We also observe relevant standards in our hardware tests (e.g. VW: VW80000 or BMW: GS95024-3-1) by including them into the test processes and extending them with important experiences. We design and build the required Stimulation Hardware and support you regarding your software specification required for the module to be qualified for accomplishing the needed depth of testing. We operate both DUT and the specific software in connection with the testing system and run the tests according to your specifications. The data collected during the process can be assessed in real-time. They are also compressed as needed, transferred via bus systems of the respective module (e.g. CAN, FlexRay) and stored for further processing. We are fully aware of the key parameters and mechanisms that may lead to failure and explicitly point out common problems if faults show in the qualification report.

We compare all results with those of earlier tests or sample stage revisions of your product from test management tools and generate overall test reports which we also analyze and evaluate for you, if requested. The documentation is consistent with the respective software version as well as in line with the demanded quality management.

Our goal is unfailing efficient processing with all testing activities of both software and hardware, regardless whether manually or automated.


For test implementation please contact:

☏ +49 911 / 37665–100