Customized Solutions

At Isyst, we are specialized in developing structured but also individually tailored solutions which perfectly meet the needs of our customers' work environment. To the benefit of our customers, we think outside the box and are continuously increasing our know-how in advanced and future-oriented fields.

One of our teams, for instance, works within the special field of system component modeling and simulation, using the hardware description language VHDL as well as the implementation in ASICs and FPGAs. Knowledge gained from our own extensive Research results in the area of obsolescence and rapid control prototyping, respectively, the ageing of components could be successfully transferred onto our customers' work. Our great expertise in designing solid solutions for safety-critical environments with radiation exposure includes subjects such as soft errors, redundancy and the aging of semiconductor circuits for which we offer our in-house IP core with monitoring function.

Requirements for functional safety (ISO 26262) are being met with the help of new hardware/software co-design methods and fault injections. Furthermore, we offer the virtualization of complete control units including the application software, as well as the timely analysis and optimization of such units with the aid of HIL methods (Model in the Loop).

Another team develops customized solutions for hardware and software components aimed at satisfying our customers' needs in terms of diverse testing difficulties. We offer years of experience in modifying and expanding existing test systems that are no longer used by the customer, thus providing the option of using them for new testing applications. In this regard, we develop both hardware components ready for series production as well as early samples or prototypes.

We are also prepared for new and future questions such as PSI5, SPI or automotive ethernet testing! From recent requirements in a special customer project we can realize a simulation framework for car internal ethernet communication providing our customer with the possibility to simulate complete networks. An integration of a single or several real ECUs into this simulated environment is no problem.

Responsible for the requirements regarding our tool environment is a third team. Efficient interfaces for our in-house testing tools as well as third-party testing tools allow for a consistency and traceability of requirements in the tests and the processing of the results. Here we connect existing and integrated software tools to our test automation while realizing customized adjustments in our components.

Additionally, we also develop embedded software for our customers or carry out feasibility studies.

We listen to you carefully and develop, in close cooperation with you, the optimum specification for your solution.


For customized solutions please contact:
☏ +49 911 / 37665–100