Hardware Test Systems

Extreme environmental conditions require robust hardware to function reliably. The hardware is put under enormous stress by climatic, mechanical, chemical or electrical factors, which may impair its performance. As such, it has to be specially qualified for use under conditions such as these.

Our test verifies that your embedded system will function normally in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C. Many years of experience have shown us what is important in condition analysis, and made us fully aware of key parameters and mechanisms that may lead to failure.

Based on requirements, specifications and our know-how, we create customized hardware testing systems for you including communication, voltage supply, sensor and load simulations. The build is modular, so expensive components only need to be provided for the duration of the test. In the case of power supplies, for example, this is of real benefit as, depending on design, not only one per whole test unit may be needed but one per DUT.

In addition, we also prefer to isolate signals and loads to prevent any mutual interference of the DUTs in the event of a fault

One computer takes care of both system control and data acquisition processing, and thereby only one CAN interface is needed to communicate with all units being tested. The parallel testing of six, ten or more control units increases the statistical validity of the results.

The test system design allows for the DUT’s operation to be continuous, and as a result, power amplifiers can be run continuously or in pulses as in the application.

To meet all requirements, we can also provide special solutions. In the conceptual design phase of the test system, one needs to consider that parts of it have to be moved into the climatic chamber, or that the test system is designed to be rotationally symmetrical with permanently installed acceleration sensors for continuous operation on a rotary table, since the number of DUT pins exceeds that of the sliding contacts.

Thanks to our tried-and-tested, flexible modular rack concept, measurements can be carried out at the rack during testing, without pause. This also makes it possible to adapt the test system to new sample stages or modified external wiring requirements quickly and at short notice. This offers a decisive advantage especially in development environments. Depending on the customer's requirements, the systems can of course also be implemented in traditional 19-inch technology instead of the rack design described above.

With the combination of our hw test system and our comprehensive provision of Services , we offer you the entire hw test from a single source, resulting in conclusive evidence about the functional safety of your hardware products!