iDA Blockset

iDA Blockset
The iDA Blockset for use with MATLAB/Simulink enables the creation of real-time simulation models for connection to the iDA Testware.
It allows data exchange between variables from the iDA Testware data model and a Simulink model.
Values from the data model can be read and written in the simulation via defined read and write library blocks. For example, a simulation model from Simscape can also be integrated into the tool landscape.
With the iDA testware, the Simulink model is periodically called up on the real-time test system and a simulation step is processed in each case.
The iDA Blockset is supplied with crosscompilers and enables the creation of applications for Intel x64- and ARM64-based Linux systems.



  • As of MATLAB R2020a (support of 64bit data types)

For the iDA Blockset please contact:
☏ +49(0)911 / 37665–100