Hardware In The Loop Test Systems

Customers, who have their embedded system software tested in real-time conditions and under the influence of multiple environmental influences, need a test environment that ensures testing for every possible eventuality.

HIL systems offer up the possibility to test single control units, as well as complete system functionality by simulating certain conditions. Even the integrative relationship between several control units can be tested.

Our modular solutions are customized and tailor-made. We know exactly what we need to ask you, in order for us to develop a system best suitable for your project. Here you can rely on our long-term experience regarding the use of specifically developed components. To satisfy any customer requirement, our test systems base are real-time computers from well-established suppliers (dSPACE, National Instruments, The Mathworks). Our customers also increasingly rely on the iSyTester, a real-time computer version which we developed in the E4Y group. Working with Linux RT, the groups work can keep up with competitors’ performance at significantly lower cost.

With our HIL systems, the customer gets a tool for dealing with test tasks with a high degree of automation, allowing for significantly reduced development periods. Beyond that, our customers also benefit from our innovation in associated Test Components, Test Automation and Research in general. Together with our services and HIL systems, our customers also benefit from our know-how and experience in Modeling environmental conditions. Many customers, and not only those from the automotive industry, have been convinced of this.

We stand for making the most out of exploiting synergies. Our HIL systems, accurate Test Automation Tools and services all multiply the added value of the individual components. Our offer as a single provider: designed for you to fulfill your test tasks.

For HIL test systems please contact:

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