SEU-TID-Core - DoIP for Soft Errors and Aging Effects

Highly integrated circuits in submicron technology are particularly sensitive to ionizing radiation, e.g. as a result of cosmic radiation. X-ray and radioactive radiation in medical radiation booths or in nuclear power plants in particular, lead to high FIT rates (soft errors, SER) and accelerated aging.

With our IP core, we have developed a diagnostic component as a FPGA to quantitatively measure these soft errors and aging effects due to TID accumulation (total ionizing dose). Triple modular redundancy allows errors to be detected and corrected. Further integrated functions enable real-time diagnostics of service life, taking into account self-healing effects.

The IP core has been irradiated in real radiation environments, i.e. in medical radiation booths and AXI (Automatic X-Ray Inspection) environments, which has verified the function of the soft error and aging monitor. It can be made available as an encrypted network list and integrated into VHDL designs.